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What Are My Career Options?

Do you have trouble finding something you’re passionate enough about to do for essentially the rest of your life? Yeah, me too. Or at least I did – until I realized that it’s okay to not have a “traditional” career.

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Here's what those career tests you took in high school don't tell you...

I was put in an engineering program at my high school because I was a girl that was good at math. Let me just say… I did not enjoy it. So when it was time to apply to colleges, I still had no idea what I wanted to do – I just knew it wasn’t engineering. 

A college counselor that I worked with then told me I should try computer science. Surprise, surprise, I also didn’t take an interest to that field. I ended up just applying as a math major to every college; I later switched into finance because I thought it was more practical. Of course, that wasn’t exactly my favorite thing either.

Basically, everything I tried turned out to be a bust. I absolutely could not see myself spending the next 40-50 years sitting at a desk working a 9-5 job. That sounded miserable. I didn’t even truly enjoy any of the options that were given to me from taking all those career tests. I just felt lost.

A little over halfway through my sophomore year of college, things started to change for me. I have a friend who is an influencer and is basically her own boss – and I LOVED that. She made so much money AND enjoyed what she did… it really doesn’t get any better than that. I saw how she did that for herself and my whole perspective shifted. 

While I may not necessarily want to be a full-time Instagram/TikTok influencer, I was in love with the idea of being my own boss. You have so much flexibility and don’t have to worry about getting fired or letting your company down. You work for yourself and for your own success. I think that’s why I only ever did individual sports…

Anyway, I was so inspired by my friend (her name is Ana… this is her Instagram and TikTok) that I set out to become an entrepreneur myself. I’m currently in the process of starting my own Etsy shop (click here to take a look!) and, of course, creating this blog. 

I wanted something where I could be in charge of my own success.

I wanted something where I could be in charge of my own success.

I wanted something where I could be in charge of my own success.

The whole point of this post is to tell you that there is more out there for you than some regular old job (not that there’s nothing wrong with that… it’s just not for everyone!) Career tests and school counselors don’t give you all your options. 

Below is a list of job ideas where you can be successful without having a “traditional” career:

1. Photographer

Invest in a nice camera and take some pictures. You can sell these online on websites such as Shutterstock or Etsy. You can also promote your services and be hired to photograph events for people.

2. Entrepreneur

Start a business! Whether it’s jewelry, clothes, food, subscription boxes… there are so many different hobbies that you can turn into a job. Take something you usually just do for fun and make a career out of it. I would say that this is the most flexible option because there’s just so much you can do with it.

3. Social Media Influencer

Build your brand on social media! Instagram is typically the biggest influencer platform, but TikTok is definitely a good way to get your start. Create a LOT of content… eventually you can blow up and create a name for yourself. Just make sure the content you post is something you’re okay with being known for. Take a look at my friend, Ana, for some inspo (@ana.stowell on IG and @anastowell on TikTok).

4. YouTuber

Being a YouTuber is a lot of work, but it’s a fun job if you enjoy filming and editing. There are all different types of YouTubers – gamers, lifestyle, beauty, etc. – so narrow down your interests and try to stick to that one area. I recommend watching some of your favorite YouTubers to get some ideas. 

5. Writer

If you enjoy writing and/or proofreading, then there are plenty of individuals, and companies, who could use your services. This includes writing ads, reviews, or even just revising others’ work. Grammarly has a great article on how to get started as a freelance writer. Or, you could just do your own thing and start a blog, write a book, write music… so many options!

6. Sales Representative

Partner with a company and get paid to promote their products, sell to customers, and recruit other representatives. This is usually done through social media, so you’ll want to make sure you build your brand a bit so you have more potential buyers. Companies with this type of opportunity include MONAT (beauty), Cutco (kitchenware), and Juice Plus (wellness), just to name a few. 

7. Tutor

Are you really good at one (or more) particular things? Share your knowledge and make money doing it! You can work for a tutoring company and help students in a certain subject, or start your own tutoring business (math is ESPECIALLY needed… so take advantage if math is your strong suit). You can also upload videos or even a whole course for any skill – school subjects, crafts, car maintenance tips, etc. – and have people pay to access them. The best part is that once you put in the upfront work of creating your course, there’s not much else you need to keep up with. This gives you time to do another job on this list if you would like. An example of a website where you can upload your courses is Teachable, but there are tons of other options that you should look into.

8. Personal Trainer

If you enjoy working out, then this would be a great job for you. Keep in mind that you will need to be certified, so that’s something to take into consideration. Personal trainers work one-on-one with clients and create workout plans to help them reach their goals. You can do this through a gym or start your own personal training company.

9. Caterer

Do people always tell you how good of a cook you are? Catering could be your calling. Even if you don’t cook, you could learn and practice until you get good at it. Starting your own catering business is a bit of a process because of all the legal requirements and such, but it could make you good money. There are so many companies and individuals that host events where they need to feed a ton of people, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of making all the food themselves. Spread the word and watch your catering business grow! 

Keep in mind, most of these jobs do take time before you become successful. However, if you put in the effort and keep at it, you can definitely turn any of these into a full-time career. Finding a job that you truly enjoy doing isn’t easy, especially if you have a specific salary in mind. Hopefully this article gave you some ideas and can inspire you to keep going and be excited for your future. I leave you with this… if there’s a will, there’s a way. You got this.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me using my contact form if you want any additional advice :)

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